4 Several surgical procedures have since been described for the

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fake hermes belt vs real Recently, treatment by endoscopic stapling diverticulotomy has becoming increasingly popular as it has distinct advantages, although long term results are not yet available. The pharyngeal pouch was hermes blanket replica reclassified by and has since been eponymously linked with Zenker after his and Von Ziemssens concise pathological description of 34 patients with a protrusion of pharyngeal mucosa on hermes birkin bag replica cheap the dorsal wall, immediately proximal to the transition from hypopharynx into oesophagus.2 The site of herniation through Killian's dehiscence, between the thyropharyngeal hermes replica belt and cricopharyngeal fibres of the inferior constrictor, was reported in 1908 (fig1).3Lateral view of pharynx showing Killian's dehiscence.Open in new tabFigure 1Lateral view of pharynx showing Killian's dehiscence.However it was not until hermes replica birkin 1886 that Wheeler performed the first successful excision.4 Several surgical procedures have since been described for the treatment of pharyngeal pouches. These include diverticulectomy,513 Mosher (1917) is widely credited as being the first to use an endoscopic technique to treat pharyngeal pouches by dividing the common septum between the oesophagus and pouch.14 In his publication Mosher reported good results on four patients and in view of these results he continued with this method until the seventh patient unfortunately developed mediastinitis and died fake hermes belt vs real.

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