A simple lap belt or even other restraints

Last year, Aspinal started offering an extra service on the Marylebone a bespoke version where the client chooses the type and colour of leather, the lining colour and the hardware type. One customer who took advantage of this was US based girl about town Olivia Palermo, who, as a front row habitue, knows exactly what makes a chic bag. Her version with dark brown crocodile print calfskin sides, dark brown ponyskin effect ends, dusky pink lining and gold hardware met with such universal approval that an idea formedPalermo's limited edition choice of large size Marylebone Tech tote (pictured) has just become available, with all proceeds going to Adcam, an American/Spanish charity that promotes education, women's employment and microcredit in Africa, particularly in the Maasai area of Kenya.

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