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canada goose factory sale More mundanely, it's the response to the world that gives basis to the presumed spiritual impetus, the drive to become one with the individual's image of God, Nature, or the Whole one reason why science has largely shunned its study. This is the level of meaning identification (of becoming what we mean) that distinguishes the "true believer" from the greater mass of pragmatic and political humanity who see themselves as separate and distinct from signs, symbols, and icons. It canada goose jacket outlet is a level we have good reason to doubt and to fear, considering that in this age of the suicide bomber, the fourth level of meaning self integration is clearly a state of being capable of fatally conflating sign, symbol, icon, and life in some tragically warped misreading of the cosmological "completion in annihilation," the kind modelled on destroyer gods (Shiva/Kali) and the death of stars canada goose factory sale.

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