It has, for this reason, the potential to be much more

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moncler outlet woodbury About 163,000 people live on the island. Citizens, although they can't vote for president. The military presence on the island has injected money into Guam's economy and is welcomed, even celebrated, by many residents. The Oscars missed the chance for a truly trail blazing nomination this year, when Daniela Vega didn't make it onto the Best Actress list for her fiercely believable performance in A Fantastic Woman. OK, it's a Chilean drama, and those don't have a habit of cracking the main categories it had to content itself with a nomination for Best Foreign Film instead, which it has a very good chance of winning. Meanwhile, Vega will come on stage to present an award, and is the first transgender woman who will do so; over in the Best Documentary category, Yance Ford, for his cry for justice with Strong Island, is the first trans director to be nominated, following a Best Song citation in 2016 for the singer Anohni moncler outlet woodbury.

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