Police said the suspected robber was a foreigner travelling in

remains of christians killed by isis uncovered in libya

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hermes belt replica aaa The heist was the first ever bank robbery hermes blanket replica in living memory in the territory, which is located in the Arctic Ocean, about halfway between continental Norway and the North Pole."There was an armed robbery at around 10:40 am (09:40 GMT)," Terje Carlsen, a spokesperson for the local governor, told AFP."A man with a gun seized a sum of money. He was arrested quite quickly" in the centre of Longyearbyen, the capital, he added.Police said the suspected robber was a foreigner travelling in the region who was sent to the northern town of Tromso on the mainland where he will be questioned.The odds of the heist succeeding were always low on the archipelago, famous for glaciers and its polar bears who outnumber residents.Longyearbyen has around 2 000 inhabitants and practically everyone knows each other. The airport is the main means of leaving the settlement.. hermes belt replica aaa

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