The father, Moose and son, Enzo both played the role of Eddie

The announcement is intended to smooth the way for more former Corinthian students to apply for relief of their student loans. Corinthian had over 70,000 students when it ceased operations in 2014, and some 350,000 since 2010. So far just 8,800 have had their loans discharged.

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In the second hour, it's race talk. From Chris Rock and Charles Barkley to John Stewart and Bill O'Reilly everyone is talking about race. We'll continue the conversation with an in depth look at the numbers. Hi All,The AutoMod is set up to remove any stream links or Fake Handbags requests and will result in a ban without fail. Attempting to circumvent the AutoMod will also result in a non negotiable ban. Please do not spoil it for yourself.

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