We couldn't have been happier

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My son in law suggested we get take outs for supper, and his suggestion was "Hoagies" a never before heard of meal, for us foreigners. Our questions about what it consisted of, lightly described and brushed aside, it sounded delicious and healthy to boot. My worry was the way it was so nonchalantly handled.

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Our bigs set weak screens (Robinson just slips half the time and doesn actually screen as does Kanter). Franky has shown a variety of moves on offense when he gets into the lane (floater, turnaround jumper, finishing at the rim). He just needs to put it all together.

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He tries to get his mom to talk to him in the kitchen before breakfast and is waved away with, I'm busy right now." At school he sits quietly in replica hermes birkin 35 the background, no one plays with him on the playground, and the teacher never acknowledges him at any time in the classroom. The story ends with the bus pulling up to his home, the door opens, and the little boy topples over into a snowbank. Dead from a broken heart.

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