When it came to party favors

Many small businesses treat their marketing budget like discretionary spending. Investing in marketing when things are going well and there's a bit of extra money available. And cutting back when things get tight. When it came to party favors, we wanted to think outside of the ever popular macaron box. Sticking with our "garden chic" motif, we collected vintage teacups and planted succulents in them, which then doubled as place cards. Not only did our gifts delight our guests, but the components were inexpensive and accessible: succulents typically cost around $3 each, and teacups can be found at thrift shops, on Etsy or on eBay.

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Let's say you live in Milwaukee. Look up how many people named Mildred live in the city. Chances are you'll find an overrepresentation. This is an investment that will give you a lifetime full of food. Its large capacity immediately lends it to soups and stews, not to mention boiling pasta. Because it can go from stove top to oven, a cast iron Dutch oven is great for braises, too, where you might sear and then gently cook meat.

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The store I ordered it at says online order support can provide the order number, and online order support says they don have access to the store system so the point of sale must provide order number. I gone round and round with them and have just given up. WTF?.

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